Mind Mine

Welcome to the Mind Mine Portal. Here you can learn about the project development, see our archive of videos and images, and access additional education material and external sources to use on your own or in the classroom.

Mind Mine is a cross-disciplinary arts and science project aiming to enhance children's understanding of basic brain functions and neurological principles. Being unique in its subject matter and application, this experimental project created by artists Harriet Murray and Neil Taylor working in collaboration with Dr. Elaine Beattie, lecturer in Biopsychology at Goldsmiths University, was granted a Pulse Award by the Wellcome Trust.

Mind Mine took place in 2006 over a period of three months, and involved 90 children, 6 teachers, one scientist, one animator, 5 volunteers and many others who offered their help and support on the way.

The project comprised three distinct phases:

  1. 1. The preparatory school workshops to introduce the subject matter.
  2. 2. The construction workshops at Campbell Works designing and building the installation, and the creation of art content.
  3. 3. The public exhibition of a two-storey labyrinthine installation at Campbell Works, which attracted over 450 visitors in the ten days it was open to the public.

Mind Mine was made possible by the enthusiasm of children and teachers from Jubilee and Holmleigh Primary Schools in Hackney, London.

This Website has been made possible through a commission from the Wellcome Trust as part of their Creative Encounters Programme, and Campbell Works would like to thank the enthusiastic support of all the contributors, collaborators and technical team that have made it possible.


"The finished installation proved to be much more than a mere physical representation of what the brain looks like and how it functions."
Dr. Elaine Beattie

"Surprising, thought provoking and very enjoyable. Made me feel like a child exploring and looking for the next surprise"

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