Through a collaboration with Dr. Elaine Beattie, lecturer in Biopsychology at Goldsmiths College, Harriet Murray designed a set of unique workshops and classroom experiments aimed at stimulating cognitive creative response (that is to say, thinking about learning and learning about thinking, through ‘hands on’ art practice).

In order to transmit complicated scientific ideas on brain function and the science of mind in a simple, playful way to children aged between 7-11, Taylor and Murray decided at the outset to develop unique kinaesthetic experiments, backed up with more conventional teaching methods such as Q&A worksheets.

The aim was to empower the participants to become ‘mindfull’ of their creative responses through the experimental games, mock experiments, specially designed exercises and creative art activities.

Running over 8 weekly classes the children generated hundreds of drawings depicting thought process’s, electro chemical signals, happy and scary memories, neuron diagrams, fears and interests.

In addition the participants created six puppet shows, used their bodies in playground games to represent neurons, built thought models and maps and produced full size images of the body/brain nervous system.

If you are a teacher and are interested in recreating some of the activities with your students, you can find more information here.

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    • Creating and explaining the brain cortex models.

      Neurological / Electro Chemical signal - Maze Game

      Electrical Signal Maze Game

      Sensory Recognition Exercise

      Creating Cortex Models