Campbell Works building, London N16

Campbell Works initiates and runs creative arts projects, fostering the development and curation of new ventures with artists, writers, scientists and creative practitioners of all disciplines.

Run by artists Neil Taylor and Harriet Murray, embracing a collaborative approach to artistic practice, Campbell Works acts as a meeting point for ideas and aims to explore contextual relationships between art, spaces and people.

Campbell Works particularly supports projects that explore ways to communicate with audiences, acting as a space to meet, generate ideas and further collaborations.


The Mind Mine project and this web portal have been made possible through the collaboration with an extensive team of artists, and technicians, many working with enthusiastic support on a voluntary basis. We would like to extend a warm thankyou to all the participants for their dedication and commitment to the project.


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Here are some of the entries from the guestbook:

"Surprising, thought provoking and very enjoyable. Made me feel like a child exploring and looking for the next surprise" Peter

"Brilliant ,so much stuff so much to think about" Sarah

"I am a neuroscientist at Bristol University. I think the brain is the most fascinating subject in biology today. This project was not quite as I expected, the cardboard and tunnelling maze structure seemed reminiscent of the brain…. I felt like I had stepped into someone’s brain. I think more projects like this will raise the profile of neuroscience, which is great." Anon

"Very interesting and makes you think" Erika

"Crazy genius" Christine

"Fantastic loved the maze and the animation is incredible" Charlotte