Throughout this project we have discovered many exciting websites.
Below is a list of web pages and useful descriptions.
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Websites links for Mind Mine
Kids Guide to the Brain
Memory and the human brain
Kids Guide To How The Brain Works
More links and general resourses
Neuroscience for kids, see page links below
basic brain divisions
functional divisions of the cerebral cortex
size of brains
right and left halves with some experimental games
face recognition
neuron connections
nice games page
more games
illusions index page, see page links below
animation, illusions
info page
animation-film web pages
menu page

individual pages
spatial experience
fMRI Activation model
MRI brain section slice animation

some films of scans
all general web site with lots game , see page links below
good emotion guessing game , suitable for one work sheet
we page could linked to brain size info sheet
we page could linked to brain size info sheet
science info about different sections, would be good to imbed text into MM site ,with link for further reading
monalisa face change game
selection of web pages covering the human brain as it changes thought an individuals life
information about different brain scanning techniques
history of the brain
3d animated model of the brain very good
mind illusions

secondary links
This is the European network of science centres and museums
It is a good source of info about new science projects in education/ research, science centres etc. I think they would be very interested in the work and may be able to give you leads.